Leveraging the Travel Graph

Our solutions use a travel-specific Knowledge Graph to construct
rich understanding of travelers' needs based on travel-related
content that is published across the web

A knowledge Graph
for travel destinations

We have created a unique knowledge graph for travel destinations, gathering millions of data sources enabling machines to understand what's so special about people's travel choices. The Graph is composed of heterogenous data sources, such as weather, geography, activities and social comments.
Our algorithms tap into this graph to uncover meaning behind people's behavior and find similarities among destinations.

Data First

Our inventory of semantic algorithms allows us to integrate and enrich any kind of data. Once your data is part of our Global Travel Graph, our A.I makes inferences and automatically proposes the right sales actions across different channels of your choice.

Data integration
  • From your users (from CRM, Website navigation, App usage, User profiles, Facebook)
  • From your products (your offers, your partner's offers, native support of classic travel offer data providers)
Data enrichment
  • Structuring of user and offer data with regards to graph-based travel features
  • Thematics and concepts extraction, and mapping to graph concept hierarchy

Data inferences
  • Demographic data (age, sex, lifestyle…)and implicit user interests (travel preferences)
  • User’s affinity with specific offers and probabilities of different user actions (click, purchase)

Rich User Profiling

We understand users’ specific needs based on the data collected. Once enriched, this user data is given back to you under the form of rich users profiles or can be used to activate our marketing solutions that will boost performances.

We create richer user profiles to infer tastes and travel preferences.
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