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We have built intelligent software components on top of our
Travel Graph, blended with our experience in the Travel sector for
a custom client-per-client way to serve your particular needs.


Personalized content recommendations help people find the content they'll love across your site. The Travel Graph enables the hyper-personalization of content recommendations. If you're a travel distributor, that means a better experience for your users and more revenues.

Product Recommendation

Relevant and inspiring travel recommendations, provided to each individual user in real-time to improve shopping experience and your site’s performance.

Personalisation of Product Presentation

Next-level personalisation, with automated selection of tags and offers' specifics to highlight for each user.

Targeted Emails

Drive more traffic and sales to the website with recommendation and personalisation of product presentation applied to email marketing.

Social Personalisation

Use your customers’ Facebook Likes and places visited to drive more engagement, with content they can relate to.


Thanks to the Global Travel Graph, any user interaction (like flight search and behaviour patterns) can be used to predict particular tastes (such as restaurants or activities). The user is now targetable in any situation.

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Graph-Indexed travel offers give far more scope for search by understanding offers through related concepts -even by concepts not present in the text. This allows for truly inspirational search bar for your website’s users.


Our technology for programmatic advertising allows you to target a larger, more relevant audience, with more relevant offers for higher revenues:
• Lookalike analysis based on semantically enriched user profiles
• Audience extension and prospecting
• Selection of relevant products for retargeting

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