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To succeed in today's global competitive environment, companies need more than just strong technologies and products. They need strengths in marketing programs that leverage new information technologies to seize the attention of consumers whose preferences continually change, high standard innovative tools to capture and hold the attention of consumers, and inspiration that truly motivates them to take action.

Leveraging the Travel Graph

Sepage gives access to something Web giants have been doing for a while: by collecting, structuring and semantically enriching user information we can build devices which feel personal to each user - rather than returing standardised results.

Intelligent Solutions

We have built layers of intelligent software solutions which sit on top of our Travel Graph.

  • Personalisation

    The Travel Graph enables the hyper-personalisation of offers across all channels. Personalisation helps people find the content they'll love across your site and increases your revenues.

  • Cross-sell

    Thanks to the Global Travel Graph, any user interaction can be used to predict particular tastes and recommend other types of items, such as hotels, restaurants and activities.

  • Search

    Graph-Indexed travel offers give far more scope for search by understanding offers through related concepts -even by concepts not present in the text.

  • Advertising

    Graph-based user profiling helps engage your customer better and faster. Enlarge your audience, increase targeting precision and drive superior monetisation for your ad campaigns.

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