Construct unique interfaces
on top of our intelligence bricks

Most existing travel websites are legacy platforms that were built
for a previous digital age. Modern A.I enables to construct sales
fronts that anticipate the needs of consumers - to personalise,
target and provide content that is contextually relevant.

Ready-Made Sales Interfaces

Sépage provides guidance throughout the setup of intelligent travel websites and applications leveraging its proprietary Travel Graph.

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  • Front-end and back-end conception of intelligent interface
  • 360° data collection, integrated to your existing data infrastructure
  • More onsite sales with automated personalization tools
  • Guaranteed ownership of your website’s data
  • Content and context relevant app for each individual users
  • More revenues with cross-sell and in-destination purchases
  • Better brand experience with useful information
  • Ready-made features, in adequacy with your strategy
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Custom Made Fronts

We help you manage the full project from A to Z, in order to make sure you make the most of the intelligence opportunities that our modern AI systems offer.

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BI/Analytics Interfaces
  • Stay connected to consumers needs and expectations
  • Powerful insights on consumers tastes, budget and buying intent
  • Evaluate the relevance of your website with regards to consumers
  • Automate marketing responses and improve site performances
Data platforms
  • Centralize and enrich multi-channel data
  • Leverage rich customer profiles
  • Import and export users segments
  • Give your staff instant access to customer knowledge


Whatever solutions you choose, they all integrate with Sepages's dashboard, providing unique analytics and insights for data-driven solutions and conversion enhancing apps, all in one integrated platform.

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Easy connect

Connecting to the dashboard is quick and easy. Install a few snippets of code on your site to centralize all your consumers’ data in one place. Once connected, you can access Sépage's ready-made and custom-made solutions and benefit from powerful insights.

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See instant results

The dashboard captures data from every customer journey across your sales fronts, from pages viewed, clicks, browser and device through to checkout. Get started and access instant reports on your recovered revenue and new conversions.

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Businness intelligence

Knowledge Graph technologies give access to more powerful business intelligence capacities. In addition to creating reports, alerts and actionable clues for human decision makers - it is able to transform these actionable clues into direct machine action and turn knowledge into revenues.

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