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Our Company

We are a Paris based squad of researchers, computer scientists and entrepreneurs dedicated to reframing our relationship with the Web.

Frustrated by the laborious, time-consuming travel search process, we realized that most technological players behind these interfaces were legacies from the past, based on technologies that pre-dated the invention of the Web.

We are building a Web that addresses people as singularities and provides human-like response to their needs. We use technologies that are radically new, to make the future happen today.


Our mission

We exist to help businesses get fit for the future, no matter where we join them on their digital journey.

The modern web is driving the empowerment of web users as individuals and brands are struggling to understand their consumers. We turn this vision into hard work to invent software that solve issues no one else can solve. This helps us create products and services within tight timeframe, at a cost providing the best value to our customers and shareholders.

Who can be one of us

We work with people who believe they can continuously improve themselves and don't settle for anything less than excellence.

We value people who speak their minds and take part in our culture of learning, innovation and curiosity.

We are always after people who can bring a different tone to our varied range of culture, style and know-how.

Above all, we admire people who make a real effort to be ahead of their world, driven by work and ambition.



We value arguments, not opinions. The truth can emerge from anyone, anywhere, as long as it is argued.


No idea or individual become great in isolation.


Hard work is what keeps us ahead of the pack. In the absence of great work, nothing else matter.


We care that people see us as polite, nice and educated people who can speak, write and behave with style.



38, avenue de l’Opéra, 75002 Paris

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